Tutorials to get you started with free and open-source software

This is a set of tutorials that will help you start your own analysis and research based on thermal maps and images of land surface or canopy temperatures.

Energy-Balance and Evapotranspiration

This tutorial will give you an easy introduction into the calculation of evapotranspiration from thermal images of land surface temperatures.

Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI)

In this tutorial you will learn how to apply the crop water stress index - CWSI and how to calculate it from thermal images from land surface temperatures.

Ecosystem and Plant Respiration

This tutorial shows you how to estimate ecosystem and plant respiration from images or maps of land surface temperatures .

Thermal Metrics

When working with thermal images, the first step is to get all the important metrics from the images and extract the patches and patch indices from the image or map.

Missing a tutorial?

I will add new tutorials here now and then. If you have a great idea for a tutorial that is still missing here, tell me about it!