Ecosystem Respiration Tool

Ecosystem and plant respiration have become a very important topic for ecological research. The Ecosytem Respiration Tool QGIS3 plugin enables the calculation of ecosystem and plant respiration from thermal images for a wide range of biomes and plant functional types. It is based on a model adapted from Heskel et al. (2016) and the Biomes include tundra, boreal forest, temperate deciduous forest, temprerate rainforest, temperate woodlands and low- and high-elevation tropical rainforests, as well as oil palm dominated tropical landscapes. The plant functional types include broadleaf deciduous temperate and tropical plants, broadleaf evergreen temperate and tropical plants, C3 herbaceous and needle-leaf evergreen plants as well as evergreen shrubs and several seasonal oil palm settings. You can, of course, also define your own biome or plant specific parameters if they are not already available in the plugin.

I created a tutorial to guide you through the whole workflow from thermal image to your final ecosystem respiration estimates.